stunted emotional growth (mnemophobia_) wrote in accordions,
stunted emotional growth

accordion help

hi everyone,

i found an accordion (brand on it is Silvio Marotta, Castelfidardo) in a salvation army thrift store for $299.50, it's full sized, around 120 bass buttons, doesn't smell moldy, it's in good condition, the straps are still solid, and it has a case that comes with it. (btw i don't know how to play accordion yet.)

there's only one problem: one of the treble keys got stuck. just ONE! it wasn't stuck the day i first saw it (which was yesterday, and i planned to buy it today, but er, i decided not to).
i'm wondering if anyone here knows if stuck treble keys are an easy fix, or if it needs an experienced accordion repair technician. if it's an easy fix, i'll probably just go buy it...any ideas? i'll be thankful for any feedback! :)
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