Hello, world!
Could anyone give me some links to blues notes for accordion?

I've looked through all the Internet and saw nothing except a few books in the UK. But it would be complicated to deliver this book to Russia, where I live in.
So I rely on your help.
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Hello all!

I'm 17 years old and currently living in a small village in regional France on an exchange year. I've just started playing the piano accordion and am borrowing one from another man in the village. Does anyone have any recommendations for online resources to help me learn, preferably with video. Thanks!



Fun with the concertina, and an accordion for sale

I recently ordered a Hohner 20-button Anglo concertina, and am having a heck of a lot of fun with it. I've only had it since Thursday, and already I'm working on a repertoire of Welsh folk music, morris dance tunes, and WWI soldiers' songs. This coming weekend I'll probably post some videos on Youtube.

Since it's a cheap introductory-level instrument, though, I know I'll want to replace it with something better (and with 30 buttons) before too long. To that end, I want to sell a Sano Zon-Rio 120-bass piano accordion, which I purchased a few years ago but never got the hang of. It belonged to a professional accordionist before me, and is in very good shape; tight bellows, no sticky keys, no odors. The only issues are that it needs new straps, and the little straps with which you snap it closed are missing. It's cream-colored pearlescent celluloid, and comes with a case. I'm asking $175 plus whatever it costs to ship, but I'm willing to be flexible considering the strap issue. Photographs (taken with my phone) can be supplied upon request; I'm posting this from work otherwise I'd include pictures now.

I will gladly, of course, take a 30-button Anglo concertina as a trade; and in that case I'd happily pay for the shipping of both instruments!

Help Please!

Hello Fellow ElJayers!

I was hoping maybe someone could help me out here.. I was going through my Great Grandmothers house shortly after she passed away and came across an Accordion.. Me being the music person(I play piano) I decided id take it and look into how old it was and what not.  I have tried looking it up online, and cant find anything! Maybe YOU can help!!

All it says on it is "Symphonie" and then a model number M 752/15 and also "Made in Italy"

I dont even think my great grandmother ever played Accordion, but maybe she did.. All I remember her playing is Piano... Anyways ill post some pictures behind the cut and maybe can get some answers!!

There were some music books along with an old newspaper in the box that dated in the 50s.. thats all i know though.


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Tired bass arm...?

Question -

I've been playing accordion since January now. I play at least 20 minutes a day, and in general, I consider myself strong for a girl anyway. I lift toddlers and groceries and dig in the garden.

You may recall that I play the accordion upside down...

At the end of the 20 minutes, my right arm (that is, the one playing bass) is REALLY tired, to the point that I almost can't use it. Also, I have trouble when moving around a lot on the bass side with the hand strap putting weight on my wrist in a very painful way. I've shortened the shoulder straps quite a bit, but somehow I never seem to get the weight to sit right. Anyone have any suggestions? Is this a common problem? Should I just stuff a towel between my shoulder and the strap?

By the way, I haven't encountered any other problems yet with playing upside down.